Jukebox Card Creator

My Mum has a jukebox on her wall sort of (but not exactly!) like this one:

Many years ago (right back at the beginning of my degree in fact, which is many years ago!), I knocked together a quick Java app that put together the track listing cards for each of CDs for her. It wasn’t great but it worked enough! This project is an updated (and far improved) version of that original project developed in Ruby on Rails.

Features include:

  • Retrieves Album info and images from Last.fm
  • Dynamic card editing screen, able to edit multiple cards at once
  • Stores card details in case they need to be re-printed
  • Custom card templates
  • Outputs to Cards to PDF for easy printing

This was developed as a project for myself to get to grips with Ruby on Rails (and also so my Mum could update her Jukebox!).


Jukebox Card Creator | Source Code on Github