LD33 – Stomp this City

Stomp This City was my entry for Ludum Dare 33. It was my first entry built using Unity3D (and the first 3D game I’d ever put together). The theme was You Are The Monster which I covered by turning the player character into a giant and giving them the opportunity to stomp a city (thus the name!).

Stomp This City Title Screen

The game was very simple, as it was a first attempt at developing a full 3D game and was finished in a 48 hour period. The player is a giant who storms around a city scoring points by doing as much damage as possible before the fleet of tanks manage to stop them. The graphics were very simple and used only collections of basic 3D shapes (Spheres, Cubes, Cones etc) to save time on 3D modelling.

It didn’t score as well as my previous attempts, however for a first go with a new engine and an added dimension I’m rather pleased with the results!


#477 Theme 3.38
#512 Humor 2.60
#599 Fun 2.82
#686 Mood 2.63
#802 Innovation 2.38
#865 Overall 2.56
#870 Graphics 2.06
#1897 Coolness 32%