LD29 – SubmarineArena

SubmarineArena is a multiplayer combat game built using LibGDX in 48 hours for the 29th Ludum Dare contest. The theme was Beneath the Surface which was covered by the theme of the game being a submarine battle occurring beneath the waves. Each player controls a submarine which can fire torpedoes in one of 8 directions.

It contained a number of pickups which could be collected to improve (or occasionally, hinder) the players performance, such as: increased speed, improved firing rate, bonus health etc.


The game was designed to be a multiplayer game, although a very basic AI was included to allow single player play. There were also a number of different arena layouts that could be fought in.

There were a few issues that still lingered after time ran out. The collision detection with the walls of the arena was a bit dodgy, and the AI was really not very smart (and was no match for human opposition) but I was very pleased with what was achieved within the 48 hour time limit.

The scores were much improved on my first LD entry Aagh, Invaders. But still wit some way to go!


#312 Fun 3.33
#676 Theme 3.13
#687 Mood 2.86
#699 Humor 2.24
#782 Audio 2.30
#884 Overall 2.85
#899 Innovation 2.60
#1014 Graphics 2.46
#1633 Coolness 44%


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