Raspberry Pipboy – Case Pt.1

I’ve started building the case. Well, A bit!

I’ve picked up a cylindrical metal container from IKEA, and after attacking it a bit with a hacksaw I’ve managed to get it to the right length and width. Behold!

Behold, The Cylinder!
Behold, The Cylinder!

It’s currently masterfully held together with masking tape, but I’ll be replacing that with some clever locking mechanism (Once I figure that bit out).

That’s the sleeve sorted. As for the ‘box’ that sits on it I’ve got a copy of a 3D model of the pip boy from Thingverse. However it’s not designed to contain all the electronics that are going into this project, so I’m taking that apart (virtually) too!

The 'Box'
The ‘Box’

I’ve not finished tweaking it yet, but when it’s finished I’ll make it available on the site. I don’t own a 3D printer either, but I’ve got a plan for prototyping it a bit. Once I’ve had a go I’ll put up another post with how it went.