Raspberry Pipboy – Hardware

Well, I just got a package! All the hardware I ordered for the Raspberry Pipboy build.

Special Delivery!Here’s a copy of my shopping list, All of it from Adafruit:

I’ve also added a stack of resistors and LEDs for testing from my local Maplin. The Raspberry Pi I’ve had sitting around for a while, after I stopped using it as a media center PC.

First things first was getting output working from the GPIO pins. This is my first attempt at using them. I set up a pretty basic circuit to light up a handful of LEDs using python.



Next, I tried out my new LED buttons, replacing the LED’s in the circuit:

Light up buttons

It’s a bit of a mess, but it works! In the final build I plan to solder them all into a much neater package. But this initial foray into electronics has worked out rather well (and much faster than I’d expected)! Next up, getting the software running.